Sunday, October 18, 2015

More Burrows and Badgers from Oathsworn

I completed six more of Oathsworn's Burrows and Badgers miniatures last week. These figures were my favorite acquisition of 2015 to this point.

Anthropomorphic has suffered a bit because of the whole "furry" thing, but nonetheless, I am a fan Oathsworn's product. Their aesthetic is favors the animal rather than human form, matching the look of Disney's Robin Hood or the Redwall series.

The sculpts and castings are very clean; like great animation, Oathsworn's designs are built from bold lines and dynamic composition, rather than over-elaborate details and ridiculous poses.

Shrew Warrior, Mole Friar, Ferret Rogue 

Mole Warrioress, Hedgehog Warrioress, Black Rat Warrior


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  3. Hi Alan. Just wanted to drop a passing thank you for your blog. I've enjoyed dipping in to it over the last couple of days. We certainly share some common interests (and weaknesses).

    Not least is anthro characters. I see you have also fallen for Oathsworn and Splintered Light minis. I wonder your thoughts on scale mixing on these at all? I was musing recently myself.
    Hope to get the Oathsworn painted up before the next wave arrives in March! Great figures.
    Sorry for deletions. Issues with editing on a phone!

  4. Thanks for being the first person to leave a comment on this blog! I do have a weakness for anthro minis. I too am going to focus on Oathsworn in the next couple of weeks.

    It's timely that you brought up scale mixing. I was planning on doing a series of posts comparing the sizes of many shorter figures (mouslings, halflings, gnomes) from a range of manufacturers. Without a pic, I can say that the Splintered Light mice would work as the slightly smaller cousins of Oathsworn's mice.