Saturday, June 25, 2016

Heroines in Sensible Shoes

Increasingly of late, I have trouble painting to completion a kickstarter project from a company before their next line is announced. Maybe I will cut back on my kickstarters, but I certainly won't miss out on Oathsworn's next crowdfunder now that I have their most recent set painted. 

Earlier this year, Oathsworn offered a kickstarter of 11 female adventurers form the traditional D&D races and classes. Their innovative concept for this range was a line of female adventurers in practical armor and gear rather than the more revealing and less functional outfits we have come to expect. On one hand, I appreciate a good Werner Klocke female mini, but I might not want to put it on the table with my young daughter and son playing. And since we are playing Frostgrave a great deal lately, chainmail bikinis are probably not optimal gear. As with their previous projects, the project was finished early and delivered a few weeks ago. A follow up project is promised soon. 

Human Cleric and Fighter 
Wood Elf, Halfling and Gnome

Human Bard and Rogue

Dragonborn Sorcerer and Human Wizard

Half orc barbarian and Dwarf

As far as size, they are heroic 28mm - slightly larger than historical figures or your old 80s Ral Partha, but closer to that size than modern figures that are pushing up to 32mm. The designs are clean and classic. These are adventurers on dungeon delve, not characters posing for a movie poster. I question the overuse of lanterns and torches - don't halflings and elves have darkvision? But it gets the theme across. I probably should have taken the opportunity to learn object source lighting techniques, but I am generally of the opinion that it looks great when photographed and as part of a display but does not hold up as well right in front of you. That could be just the examples I have seen.

Overall, great minis and a great company.

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