Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Burrows and Badgers - The Big Guys

As I put the finishing touches on my Oathsworn Female Adventurers in Sensible Shoes, here are my final efforts from their Burrows and Badgers line. These are, for the most part, the larger figures in the line. The titular badger is one heavy piece of pewter. 

A female fox (vixen) archer.

The fox thief was one of my favorite figures in the set. It has a great dynamic pose and a clean casting - a near perfect mini. 

As I said, these are some big figures. Here is the badger beside a 30/32mm Reaper orc. The size puts it easily in ogre/small giant size range. 

Below, a couple of black rat thugs or assassins.

Oathsworn continues to be one of my favorite manufacturers. Its Kickstarters are always on time and well communicated. They have the perfect blend of innovation in concept and tradition in design. 

My next post should be their female adventurers in time for the next project from Oathsworn set to launch in a couple of days. 

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  1. About to paint some of mine and Googled to see what others had done and found this post - great stuff Alan!

    Also a big fan of Oathsworn. Shame they don't have a Loyalty Scheme!