Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Collection of Reaper Bones II Bad Guys

This past week's work on Bones II was a few of the common enemies low level players generally encounter. Reaper's Bugbears are especially fun to paint. On many smaller character figures, the Bones plastic is indistinct on detail.  On the very large creatures, there is a tendency to distort under its own weight. However, there is a definite sweet spot on the large to giant-ish size creatures for the Bones line.  The cost saving over metal is significant and the loss of detail is minimal.

Two Gnolls with morning stars. This again plays well to Bones' strengths. On a metal figure, a long metal extension would bend and eventually break off.  In Bones material, the morning star is flexible and if it bends in shipping (as swords and spears often do), that matters not.