Thursday, July 3, 2014

Norse Legends

Since I bought the Greek legends for the Of God's and Mortals ruleset, I needed some opponents - hopefully at a cheaper price.  The book lists stats for many gods and creatures, aside from those officially released as miniatures.  On the right is a Reaper Bones Valkyrie.  It is a great sculpt, richly detailed but it suffers from the "bendy" sword issue that plagues some (many) of the Reaper Bones. It tried the boiling water dip, which has worked in the past, but with the size of the sword and its thinness, nothing seemed to work.  I open to suggestions.

In the center, is a cheap 54mm Viking from a bagged set.  I think he will be Balder, Thor's doomed brother - who sadly never made an appearance in the Marvel movies.

A Gripping Beast 28mm Viking is on the left to give a scale perspective.

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