Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Crusader Adventurers

Here's a look at another pack from Crusader Miniatures' rather limited line of fantasy characters.  As I said previously, Crusader is my favorite historical miniature manufacturer, and some of their Dark Ages and Medieval figures could easily fit into a fantasy setting. This three pack of named fantasy adventurers contains all demi-human characters.

From left to right

Illadrian  the Half Elf - very typical Elven figure, his thigh boots and leather codpiece are, well...unique.

The Gnome McCoy - Really like the proportions on this gnome figure; he is short but proportioned very slim.  Next to a dwarf he would definitely be distinct.  The two-handed broadsword must account for the Scottish name. The stone basing is from a press mold made by Happy Seppuku.

Urko Half Orc - My favorite sculpt and character.  His scale and chainmail armor and solid greaves and arm pieces give this character a look of a Germanic warrior in the late Roman Empire.  Very inventive.

Crusader Miniature CCF002

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