Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hercules and Perseus

Greek Legends 

Two sons of Zeus are today's miniature posting. Hercules, Greek hero and warrior, was known for his tremendous strength (but not wisdom) and his Twelve Labors. Perseus is the founder of Mycenae and slayer of Medusa.  Both characters are a part of modern pop culture thanks to animated Disney films and the "Titans" film franchise.  None of these adaptions are terribly faithful to the myths, as entertaining as they might be.

Thankfully, both of these sculpts by Steve Saleh are based on ancient depictions of the two heroes. Hercules carries his club and wears the skin of the Nemedean Lion and nothing else.  Perseus carries sword and shield, and wears a tunic and robe, rather than the later Classical Greek hoplite armor that less accurate depictions have used. These two figures were released last year by Northstar Miniatures as part of the Greek faction for Osprey's Of Gods and Mortals mythological skirmish wargame.  Also included in the set was Medusa, oddly matched with her slayer.

The Hercules figure is excellent. He is powerful and massive, and the lion's skin looks as it should - both armor and trophy. For Perseus, the draping cloak and the helmet detailing are the highlights. Less impressive is the leaned back, slightly off balance pose. Also, Perseus' head is separately cast and must be glued to the body.  The fit is not precision cut, and some gap filling is necessary.

Overall, these are really nice figures that are a "heroic" 28mm.  Hercules is about 32mm from foot to eye, Perseus a little bit less.  If you have an interest in gaming with Greek mythology, these are worth getting, even apart from the Of Gods and Mortals game. They can be purchased direct from Northstar Miniatures, but for those of us in the States, Architects of War can special order them, which can save you a bit on shipping.

OGAM302 Greek Legends

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