Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bushido - Temple of Ro Kan

I have to admit that despite all of these figures, I have yet to play Bushido.  I am not alone, I think, in letting a game's quality of figures drive my purchase rather than the game itself.  Monk characters have always been a weakness of mine in RPGs, so the Temple of Ro-Kan faction was a natural impulse buy for me.  

The quality of the figures is excellent.  The poses are dynamic.  As far as assembly, I cannot comment as I purchased the starter set off ebay, and the chap who sold them already assembled and mounted them on those really nice "ruined temple" bases.  I wish I had more info on the source for future purchases in this faction.

The peasant characters look very good, but their scale (32mm) precludes their use as extras/civilians in a historical wargame, which was one of my original thoughts justifying this purchase.  Oh well... 

Below, Aiko & her Gorilla.  These were my first purchases, when a friendly but not so local game store closed out their Bushido stock and sold them for half price.  Who couldn't turn down an awesome gorilla? 

The Kitsune in humanoid and fox forms.  

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