Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jungle Rats from Splintered Light

A recent trip to Nashcon introduced me to Splintered Light Miniatures. The bulk of their range is 15mm fantasy, which, unfortunately, is not something I collect. Great stuff, though.

However, their range of Woodland Warriors includes a number of rats, mice, and other small creatures in 20mm.  They are a great looking range, and useful for anyone wanting to game Narnia, Redwall or Mice and Mystics custom scenarios.

I picked up the Jungle Rat warband for no particular reason, other than it might make sense as foes for another warband I am putting together,

The entire warband:

Two rats with blowguns: 

The chief and a shaman: 

For reference to 28mm heroic figures, here are two rats with a Reaper Elf archer: 

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